Flowers in the other city

I often wish, when I am going about my ordinary everyday business* that I could see myself in the street so I could blog about what I saw me doing.

Saturday was an example of this. I met up with Rachel from Artyarn and That Roger and spent three hours wandering the streets of Salford decorating lamposts with flowers.

Photos by Artyarn

Us knitters at The Kings Arms had been asked by Sounds from the Other City if we would decorate the streets outside their venues with something woolly. Roger made an astonishing quantity of green knitted vines and the rest of us made a lot of flowers with pins on the back. Festival goers were invited to take a flower and decorate themselves. I hope you are wearing one.

* going about my everyday business: like the time (many years ago, before blogs) I decided I liked a rocking chair I had seen in a junk shop and me and my Dad carried it between us for nearly half a mile. Every time we saw someone, my Dad put the chair down and told them they could sit in it for a while for tenpence.


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